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Book Three in the Steve Cannon Detective Series
Steve must confront the ghosts of WWII and battle through the effects of a life altering event.
"You seem to know my name, what's yours?"  The man sneered and reached inside his pocket.  He pulled out a card but did not offer it to Steve.  "My name is:  'I run this place'."  Steve squinted at Mr. Place as he took a long pull on the stogie and blew the smoke across the three feet that separated the two men.  After several seconds, the man held the card out to Steve.  Steve took it from the extended hand and gazed into the dark eyes for a full three seconds before he glanced down at the card.  'Jimmy Rossini, Casino Manager.'  Steve flicked the end of the card with his forefinger.  "What can I do for your Mr. Rossini?"  Steve slipped the card inside his cumberbund.  "Why don't you tell us who you really are for starters?"